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Open Talk

A Path to Self-Liberation -
Toltec Practice in Taoist Words


Just a moment before the new year begins, join us and see how the Toltec masters of dreams and the Taoist doing-without-action observe the concept of Self-Liberation and what they offer in order to achieve it.

Self-Liberation, the practice of deconditioning: acknowledging, repairing and replacing old patterns - using simple day-to-day practices. 


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Open Talk and Demonstration

Energetic Scanning - Direct Access To Our Energetic Self


Energetic Scanning is a simple self-observation tool that anyone can use. It helps us look into ourselves in an intuitive and constructed way, allowing us to understand what we’re doing right and what we’re doing not-so-right. 

Nov-Dec 2015


Energetic Scanning - Level 1


Five group meetings inwhich we learn how to use Energetic Scanning in order to "scan" ourselves and connect to our deep core. Each meeting has a clear theme such as: our own self-esteem; our relationships with others, focusing our intuition and more. 


No prior knowledge or training is needed.

Those who are interested are welcome to attend the open talk on 28/10.

During January


Private Session

New Year's Resolutions - Special Offer


Making New Year's resolutions is not so difficult. Keeping them, however, is a bit more tricky. Some resolutions are hard to keep simply because they are not right for us. 


In this session we will create a list of New Year's resolutions that are practically-accessible and energetically-suitable to you. 


The session is also available via Skype.

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