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Personal sessions are intended for people who
  • wish to understand themselves better
  • feel disconnected from their path in life
  • need assistance in making decisions or taking actions
  • sense that something is 'off', yet can't tell what
  • find difficulties in their their everyday life, work or relationships
  • suffer from pain and diseases and feel it's not only physical
  • just feel stuck or repeating old patterns
My approach for personal sessions and counseling in general brings together Data-Analysis practices and Intuitive-Spiritual methods. I find it important to combine both rational and emotional - as none of them is sufficient without the other. One of my goals is to help you allow the two to coexist. 
Every person who wishes to have a session with me starts with the same First Session. In the first session I learn who you are and how I may assist you in any aspect that is in need of assistance (ego, relationships, profession, family, love, money, health, independence and more). 

What is a first session?
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After the first session and according to your needs, wishes and abilities, I practice a variety of methods in the following areas:
General Counseling 

Sessions that include channeling, tarot cards reading and rune stones casting, Taoist therapy practices, Chakrah reading and balancing and other methods which are used according to your needs and wishes. This mixture of methods may consist of singular sessions, a series or an ongoing process. 

Self Observation and Improving Inner Dialogue

Sessions that are accompanied by guided lucid dreaming and guided imagery, preformed mostly as a series of 6-12 sessions. Recommended for specific difficulties and issues that require gathering information from the subconscious quickly in order to approach resolutions and achieve stability. 

Improving Intuitive Dialogue

Sessions that involve various meditations and techniques that can be practiced later by you on your own. Improving intuitive tools and abilities is sometimes an easier way of addressing issues by yourself with less assistance from the outside. A constructed way of opening your third eye and awareness, not necessarily due to a specific problem or difficulty. 

Deep Self Observation 

Series of sessions that include regression hypnosis, past life therapy, deep meditations and guided lucid dreaming. While wishing to approach elements in life that are profound, unclear, repeating patterns we are unable to understand, repeating issues that might have a deeper source than we can comprehend.
- Licensed to preform regression by SNHS Dip. (Past Life Therapy)

These further session may consist of singular sessions every now and then, a series of sessions for an agreed period of time
with a clear goal or an ongoing process with open goals and with the use of mixed methods. This depends on your wishes,
needs and abilities. 
Most personal sessions are possible both in person and online
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