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This is a non-verbal healing session, somewhat of an energetic massage

Chakra balancing / Aura cleansing is a session that asks to reach internal/external balance in all aspects -

physical / emotional / mental / spiritual - using a variety of healing techniques.

The main goal of this session is to balance our different centers
of attention so we can be fully present. 

cleansing 2.PNG

During the session and after briefly discussing your current situation (issues that bother you and things we should focus on), you will be asked to lie down on and using crystals, a pendulum and sound bowls we will perform your chakra balancing, aura cleansing and energy alignment.

For people who attend this healing session for the first time, the session does not include a counseling talk. Please note that you may be asked to take off jewelry pieces, should you wear any.

> A chakra balancing session takes about 60 minutes and costs 60€. 

For people who have already attended this healing session - there is an option to combine a partial healing set with a counseling talk, in the time frame agreed on. 

> A combined session of counseling and healing, there is an option to extend the session to 90 minutes. The price of the extended session would be 80€.

* This session can take place in a personal, face-to-face meeting (not available online, for now). 

* The sessions can be done in English, Hebrew or German. 

* The payment can be done with a bank transfer, PayPal or cash. 

If you wish to book a session or have any further questions please feel free to contact me or send a message right here:

Thanks! Message sent.

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