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Crystal Workshop

A visit to the magical world of crystals

Crystals are all around us, quietly forming deep within the Earth's crust over long stretches of time. Unlike other common stones and rocks, the energetic influence of crystals extends far beyond their physical dimensions. Humans have long been captivated by these natural wonders, utilizing them not only for their beauty but also for their physical properties and inherent energetic qualities. While there's a wealth of information available about crystals, navigating it can sometimes be overwhelming and not always align with our personal experiences.

In the workshop we will have the opportunity to explore different aspects of crystal work. We'll practice identifying crystals, understanding their unique qualities, and connecting with their energies, channeling and programming them for specific purposes. We will discuss crystal-pairing based on individual needs, create crystal formations to enhance desired effects, and explore methods for using them to sense energy fields. Lastly, we'll explore crystal healing, a transformative process that aims to create balance in various aspects of life, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

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Third Session
Crystal Healing

11/7/24, 19:00

Before the workshop takes place, there will be an introduction occult talk on Wednesday, May 29th, at 19:00. In this talk, the structure of the workshop will be presented along with an introduction to what crystals are, some everyday uses, cleaning and purifying them, and how to begin and end a relationship with a crystal.

The workshop itself consists of three sessions:

  • First session: June 13th, 19:00 - Identifying crystals, crystal families, crystal qualities, programming and channeling crystals, cleansing and charging crystals.

  • Second session: June 27th, 19:00 - Crystals uses and applications, crystal placements, grids and crystal formations, pendulum work, aura cleansing, using a crystal generator, Crystal essence.

  • Third session: July 11th, 19:00 - Crystal healing (for self-use), basic energetic body structure and attributes, utilizing crystals in spiritual work.
    (*There is a recommended set of crystals that may be helpful for personal use in the third session. For more details or consultation, feel free to write to me)

The introduction talk and the workshop sessions will take place in the magical venue 'The Fool', located at Skalitzer Str. 43, 10997 Berlin. Entrance and participation are donation-based. 

Don't hesitate to bring along some crystals from home, you're encouraged to do so!

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