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 Animal Reflection Session 

The animal kingdom has always been a broad and rich source of information and symbolism. We make such a natural use of animals in order to explain emotions, behavior or character – whether as a metaphor or a sigil, spirit guardians or totems. 

During the Animal Reflection session we will search together for one or several animals that may assist you in understanding the place where you are at, acquiring needed tools and abilities, reaching goals, preparing for what's to come and moving forward.

The better part of the session will be dedicated to a special meditation of shamanic origins, during which you will encounter one animal or more that may serve you at this point of your life. We will do an interpretation and conclusions together afterwards. In order to enrich our view we may also use special cards, dedicated to the work with animals and animal spirits.

The reflection given in this session may be relevant to any aspect in life: relationship, family, work, money, home, spirituality, children, freedom, hobbies, intuition and every other matter at hand. 

The Animal Reflection session takes 60-75 minutes and costs 70€.

* The session can take place either in a personal meeting or online.
The time and price are not affected by the means of communication. 

* Sessions can be done in English, Hebrew or German. 

* The payment can be done with a bank transfer, PayPal or cash. 

To set a quick reading session simply contact me

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