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I was born in Tel Aviv in 1982 and moved to Berlin in 2012. Already as a child I had a deep connection with a spiritual world within me. For years I kept it to myself, trying to separate it from my everyday life.


As I grew up, I found myself working in the Hi-Tech world and later in the film industry. For a while both of these were very fulfilling. However, something was always missing, as if my greater calling was trying to direct me elsewhere. 

A series of coincidences (or was it fate?) led me to the understanding that my part in this world is to bring together the two seemingly opposite sides I have in me - the logical language of data, charts and schemes - and the spiritual language of intuition and energy. 

These days I define myself as a personal consultant and spiritual therapist. My approach brings together Intuitive-Spiritual methods and Data-Analysis practices. I find this approach useful for those who seek a way of developing and evolving while combining rational and emotional. Only when the two cooperate and coexist we can move forward.

I believe that spiritual-emotional healing, much like physical healing, should and can be practical, logical and accessible to all.

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