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 A Quick Reading Session 

A quick reading is a session where we meet without any pre-preparations (which means I do not prepare a reading for you in advance). You may arrive at this reading with questions or issues that you are dealing with at the moment.

The reading involves a combination of Tarot reading and Rune Stone casting. 

This session is less thorough than a full session and is meant for dealing with the current, specific issues at hand. The idea of a quick reading is to allow an immediate reflection on your situation.

A quick reading session takes 45 minutes and costs 50€.

* The session can take place either in a personal meeting or online.
The time and price are not affected by the means of communication. 

* Sessions can be done in English, Hebrew or German. 

* The payment can be done with a bank transfer, PayPal or cash. 

To set a quick reading session simply contact me

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