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Private Session

New Year's Resolutions


A special offer for November-December 2016 


Every time a year ends we start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes
we set practical goals, other times it's personal aspirations or wishful thinking - whatever
we wish to achieve or execute during the next 12 months. However, many times we tend
to let them go (that is, if we actually remember them after a few weeks).

These resolutions that we make, how serious are we when we make them? How realistic
are they? On the other hand – how far can they help us proceed on our path? And most
important – do we really keep these resolutions? For how long?

While our intentions are pure, our planning is logical and our thinking is based on our experience, most of our New Year's resolutions still tend to fail - just because they were not exactly right for us.

So how can we make the right resolutions? And how can we keep them throughout the year?

During what's left of 2016 I would like to invite you to a special New Year’s Resolutions session.

In this session we will build together a basic plan that suites you, practically and energetically, in all relevant aspects of your life: Personal, Interpersonal and Professional.

The New Year’s Resolutions session can be a face-to-face meeting in Berlin or a meeting via Skype.

To set a speical New Year's Resolutions session, please send a message right here:

Message sent! Happy New Year!

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