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Open Talk and Demonstration

Energetic Scanning - Direct Access To Our Energetic Self


         28.10.2015, 19:00

           Nomad Bar, Mahlower Straße 32, 12049 Berlin


We are born into a physical body and very quickly we are being taught how to use and listen to it. However, we have another "body" existing in us - an emotional-energetic one.
So how can we listen to our emotions? How can we connect with our inner-self?


Energetic Scanning is a simple self-observation tool that anyone can use. It was developed by Medical Intuition practitioners in order to diagnose illnesses and same like physical issues it allows us to diagnose emotional and energetic issues just the same. It is a tool that helps us look into ourselves in an intuitive and constructed way, allowing us to understand what we’re doing right and what we’re doing not-so-right. All of the answers are inside of us and the scan helps us reach these answers.


Using Energetic Scanning we can in fact create tables and lists of our "energetic leeks" or "emotional malfunctions", in order to get better understanding of ourselves and to live in peace and harmony - body, mind and soul. 



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