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Tel Aviv

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Open Talk and Demonstration - Hebrew

Energetic Scanning - Direct Access To Our Energetic Self


Energetic Scanning is a simple self-observation tool that anyone can use. It helps us look into ourselves in an intuitive and constructed way, allowing us to understand what we’re doing right and what we’re doing not-so-right. 




Energetic Scanning - Level 1


Six group meetings inwhich we learn how to use Energetic Scanning in order to understand ourselves better. Each meeting has a clear theme such as: our own self-esteem; our relationships with others, focusing our intuition and others.


No prior knowledge or training is needed.


An open introduction, free of charge, will take place during the last week of February. 

A minimum number of participants is required for the workshop to take place.




Energetic Scanning - Level 2


After learning in the level 1 workshop how to observe and understand our energetic activity, we deepen our knowledge in the energetic structure of our body and learn how to activate and direct our energy to work in our favor and towards our focus of attention. 


This workshop is available only for people who complited level 1 of Energetic Scanning. 


More details to be announced soon. 

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