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Open Talk 

A Path to Self-Liberation -
Toltec Practice in Taoist Words


         17.12.2015, 19:00

           Nomad Bar, Mahlower Straße 32, 12049 Berlin


Just a moment before the new year begins, join us and see how the Toltec masters of dreams and the Taoist doing-without-action observe the concept of Self-Liberation and what they offer in order to achieve it.


Self-Liberation, the process of deconditioning: acknowledging, repairing and replacing old patterns. Is that even possible? What kind of people will we be after this process of letting go? And how can we actually do this?


Toltec wisdom offers four basic practices of behavior in order to reach this self-liberation. The practices are simple and can be used by anyone. They are relevant to these days even though the Toltec culture lived a 1000 years ago in Central America. And 500 years before that in ancient China, Lao Tzu used a poetic language when writing the Tao Te Xing, offering an interesting reflection on the Toltec keys and concept of self-liberation.


When these two great philosophies meet - a path to better understanding of ourselves and our own freedom opens. 



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