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Access the Essence

Dealing with creative blocks and improving our internal dialogue 

While we are going through a creative process we often encounter a block - a point where our creative fountain runs dry, our ideas are not clear, we find difficulty in hearing ourselves and mostly we just can't keep on working. 

The workshop "Access the Essence" offers a simplified way of both observing our blocks and finding ways of dealing with them. 

First we will use constructed ways of mapping our current situation, almost as if we are writing our own creative-emotional diagnosis - not matter whether it concerns a creative project, a workflow issue, an interpersonal relationship or a personal processes. Once we've allocated our blocks we will use a method of analyzing ourselves intuitively and try to understand how we may deal with our block in order to achieve what is best for us. 

This workshop is relevant mostly for:

  • Artists/writers/creative types who are having trouble with current projects

  • People who find too many ideas in the drawer and not enough in the making

  • Artists/performers who are having trouble in their expression process

  • People who are having trouble getting started with future projects

  • People who wish to acquire tools for improving creative processes

  • People who want to improve their internal dialogue (creative/emotional/spiritual)

  • People who just feel stuck

  • People who wish to find empowerment through the use of intuitive tools

  • Anyone who finds this text interesting and would like to know more

This workshop will take place in the magical venue of betOnest in Stolpe/Oder for two days: starting on Wednesday 16/8 at 12:00 and going on until Thursday 17/8 at 18:00. Eating and sleeping arrangements are available. 

The number of participants is limited, be sure to enroll soon by contacting me or directly at the betOnest registration page

*In case a minimum number of participants is not met, the workshop will not take place

Access the essence

Dealing with creative blocks and improving our internal dialogue.
A special workshop for artists, performers, writers and other creative types in a magical venue outside of Berlin.

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