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Which way now

In this workshop we will go together through a guided meditation that allows us to examine our approach towards new experiences, our self image in the eyes of others and our expectations of the near future. Sometimes we might be surprised by what the voice inside of us has to say.

After analyzing our results and focusing on our preferred approach, each one will perform a deep intuitive practice in order to reach better clarity of our current direction in life and ways of achieving the resourcefulness needed for progressing in that direction. 

This workshop is relevant mostly for people who:

  • Feel difficulties finding their path or taking it

  • Feel they're afraid of what's to come without a clear reason 

  • Feel they lack the courage or ability to progress in life

  • Feel they are repeating old patterns without noticing it

  • Feel disconnected from their intuition occasionally  

  • Just feel "stuck"

  • Wish to find empowerment through the use of intuitive tools

And anyone who finds this text interesting and would like to know more.

Dates Available:

This is another one of the "BE HERE NOW" workshops - a single session that allows a quick reflection on the current state of mind and a deep observation at the ways of handling it. As I wish for this workshop to be as accurate and personal as possible, the number of participants is limited. I would kindly ask to give a short feedback at the end.

Sign up soon by contacting me

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