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How to let it go

The concept of letting things go is a bit tricky by definition - if it would have been so easy to let things go we would have probably done it already, right? But what if I can't let something go? What if I am still angry at someone who's hurt me when they come up to mind? What if I am still waiting for something to happen even though it seems I am waiting in vain? What if I feel that I am developing an obsession and it's beyond my control? What if my friends are tired of listening to me talking about something while I feel I still have so much to say? How can I let it go? 

The key to letting things go lies in our understanding of the process we are in - whether we are processing anger, hurt or sadness, disturbing, repetitive thoughts, over-analyzing issues and situations - when we ask to let these go we actually ask go release ourselves from the burden of dealing with these things constantly and occasionally. We ask to set aside our need to deal with these things and direct our attention elsewhere. 

In this workshop we will go through a process of deepening in the concept of letting things go - it's background and our ability to practice and execute it. We will focus on the things of which we are having difficulties to let go - both major issues and small everyday issues (sometimes it is surprising how much unnecessary weight we accumulate). The workshop will be concluded with a deep meditation that will assist us in noticing, understanding and releasing the issues and spots of which we wish to let go, gently and determinedly. 

This workshop is relevant mostly for people who:

  • Feel that certain issues are disturbing them in their everyday life

  • Feel like they are carrying unnecessary baggage 

  • Feel they are being held back and not sure why

  • Feel frustrated, angry or sad and don't know the reason

  • Feel that they are too focused on the past and not on the future

  • Feel it is time to release old patterns

  • Wish to find empowerment through the use of intuitive tools

And anyone who finds this text interesting and would like to know more.

Where: Kreuzberg (U1 Schlesisches Tor)

When: contact me for future dates

How Long: 2 hours

How Much: TBA

Please sign up in advance,
number of participants is limited

This workshops is a single session that allows a quick reflection on the current state of mind and a deep observation at the ways of handling it.

As I wish for this workshop to be as accurate and personal as possible, the number of participants is limited. I would kindly ask to give a short feedback at the end.

To join the workshop or for further questions simply send a message here:

Thanks! Message sent.

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