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For birthdays, holidays, special occasions and no special occasions - give someone you love a session as a gift. 

To decide what kind of a gift session you would like to give, here are some options:

A standard first session 

A full intuitive reading including a text pre-made for the session. Find more information HERE

A first session takes about 75-90 minutes and costs 70€.

An open reading session

A combined Tarot reading and Rune Stone casting, focusing on the topic or topics you bring with you. 

A reading session takes about 45-60 minutes and costs 50€.

Create your own gift session

If you've already met me, participated in one of my workshop or have interest in something you feel could be beneficial as a gift session, write me and we will build it together!

* Gift sessions can be made either in a personal meeting or via Skype/WhatsApp/FaceTime.
   The time and price are not affected by the means of communication. 

* Sessions can be done in English, Hebrew or German. 

* The payment can be done with a bank transfer, PayPal or cash. 

To set a gift session simply contact me or send a message right here:

Thanks! Message sent.

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