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 SPECIAL OFFER 2019-2020 

Private Session

New Year's Session

Starting the 20's on a clean note

The race to the new year tends to leave us a bit unprepared with our goals and resolutions. I am happy to offer a New Year's Session - a chance to observe the issues we carry with us, sometimes without noticing, and to aim our plans, thoughts and wishes at the place we actually want be.

Along with a talk about your transition to the new year this session includes an energetic cleansing (with crystals and Tibetan singing bowls), to set course towards your intentions - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The New Year’s Session takes 60-75 minutes and costs 40€.
It can be a face-to-face meeting in Berlin or with some adjustments as an online session. 

For further questions or to book a New Year's Session, feel free to contact me here:

Message sent! Happy New Year!

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