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Dealing with radical changes and uncertainty

** Dealing with radical changes and uncertainty + an offer **

Strange days are upon us, days where so much of what we know becomes vague and uncertain. We need to act differently, to avoid being close to one another and our plans are changing daily.

When global circumstances are all of a sudden mixed with our personal, immediate circle, it is important to strengthen our boundaries and the space we take for ourselves.

I feel fear around me, fear that often involves money and income. On the one hand, the supermarkets are getting emptier and emptier and on the other hand, people are starting to wonder when and how they will have their next income. Currently, it mainly concerns us self-employed, freelancers and small business owners.

I feel that solidarity is a key ingredient in dealing with all these changes and limitations. I do not pretend to present positive aspects of this crisis nor to predict its ending. However I see that many of us are in need of some new tools to use in these times, especially when many tools we are used to accessing are for the time being unavailable.

So what I am offering?

On Wednesday and Friday, around noontime, I am happy to offer online sessions of 30 minutes and dedicate them to anyone who feels the need for some assistance and counseling, especially to anyone who:
* is in quarantine;
* has suddenly low or no income;
* experiences difficulties in figuring out their personal status due to the crisis;
* is afraid of the changes and their short/long term effect;
* is feeling anxious, stressed or blocked due to the circumstances.

In addition to the personal needs of anyone interested in these sessions, I would have them focused on strengthening the personal experience, directing time and mind-space to productive channels and of course emphasizing patience and empathy instead of stress.

These sessions are donation-based and by that, I mean that I expect one to give back what they feel they can. This goes especially for you freelancers, self-employed, artists, consultants - anybody who, out of nowhere, doesn’t know where their next paycheck is coming from. This is my way of trying to improve our well being in these days of crisis.

For more information regarding these sessions or for booking one, feel free and welcome to write to me, here or in email.

And in the beautiful words of my wise yoga teacher:
Hopefully, we will all soon have the virus only in memory.

For further questions or to book a New Year's Session, feel free to contact me here:

Message sent! Happy New Year!

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