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Before you come to see me for the first time, I ask for your full name and birth date. By sharing these details with me, you give me permission to "observe" and prepare your session.

What does it mean "to observe"? Before we meet, while preparing your first session I use a method called "Energetic Scanning" - an intuitive tool I developed that helps me focus on the points and issues which are relevant to our session. By using the physical body as a collection of charts I intuitively gather pieces of information in order to build a constructed summery of you. When you arrive at the session I already have this information written down and waiting for you, divided into different of your life.

While observing and writing down this page I do not seek answers in far-away worlds or entities, I ask only to access you and to find the information that is relevant for you to hear. This information is a reflection on the situation where you are at, at the time of the session. Two weeks afterwards the information will probably be a bit different. 

During the session I will ask you some questions, regarding your life and the reasons for which you came to see me and then we will start discussing the information in the page that was prepared for you beforehand. 

We usually end a first session with a short Tarot reading (if there's enough time left).

A first session takes about 90 minutes.

*Available also via Skype

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